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SAT (American) Tuition TigerCampus Singapore
SAT (American) Tuition TigerCampus Singapore
SAT (American) Tuition TigerCampus Singapore
SAT (American) Tuition TigerCampus Singapore
SAT (American) Tuition TigerCampus Singapore
SAT (American) Tuition TigerCampus Singapore
SAT (American) Tuition TigerCampus Singapore
SAT (American) Tuition TigerCampus Singapore


SAT (American) Tuition TigerCampus Singapore

Customized curriculum

Learn typical patterns found in each of the Reading, Math, and Writing sections, so you know what to expect.

SAT (American) Tuition TigerCampus Singapore

Test taking strategies

Get diagnosed about your weaknesses and strengths, and learn how to optimize your performance.

SAT (American) Tuition TigerCampus Singapore

Private lesson

No need to accommodate other students. Learning is customized your perfect pace and difficulty so you are always improving.

About the SAT

The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is an entrance exam used by most colleges and universities to make admissions decisions across the US and over 80 other countries around the world.

About the PSAT

The PSAT (Preliminary SAT), also known as the NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test), is a shorter version of the SAT that students can take in preparation for the SAT. High enough marks on this test qualify a student for a National Merit Scholarship. 


In this course, you and your tutor will go through practice exam questions to diagnose your strengths and weaknesses. Your tutor will curate a custom study plan for you based on your diagnostics and together train you in the art of mastering the PSAT / SAT. You will learn how to conquer question types that you have trouble with, as well as learning test taking tips for maximizing your performance.

Unlike other PSAT / SAT prep courses, this course is a private one-on-one lesson. You will study at the perfect pace for you, as opposed to being limited by your peers. You can expect to be sufficiently challenged and constantly improving, rather than wasting time reviewing concepts you already know.

What you will learn


2023 SAT Exam Updates

  • Optional SAT Essay Section Is Discontinued 
  • The College Board has made the optional SAT Essay available since June 2021 in places where it is mandated under SAT School Day Administration. It is recommended that test-takers double-check the prerequisites with their intended school.

Overview, SAT Test (Reading Section)

Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions
Total Number of Questions 52
Time Allotted to the Section 65 minutes
Questions Based On One literary passage (fiction) and the rest will be informational passages (non-fiction)
What Will it Test? Ability to tell a story, make an argument, and explain a study or experiment
Level of Questions 9th grade level to the first year of college

Overview, SAT Test (Writing and Language Section)

Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions
Total Number of Questions 44; 11 questions per passage
Time Allotted to the Section 35 minutes
Passages Based On Career, Science Humanities and History/Social Sciences
Passage Writing Modes One non-fiction narrative, one to two
Informative/explanatory texts, and one to two arguments
Complexity Level 9th-10th grade to early postsecondary

Overview, SAT Test Syllabus (Math Section)

Type of Questions Multiple Choice and Student-Produced Response
Total Number of Questions 38+20
Time Allotted to the Test Calculator Portion – 55 minutes
Non-Calculator Portion – 25 minutes
Questions Based On Algebra, Problem Solving, and Data Analysis, Passport to Advanced Math, Additional Topics in Math
Passage Writing Modes One nonfiction narrative, one to two informative/explanatory texts, and one to two arguments

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