Block Coding with Scratch

Scratch is an ideal entry-level platform for those new to programming.

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Block Coding with Scratch TigerCampus Singapore
Block Coding with Scratch TigerCampus Singapore
Block Coding with Scratch TigerCampus Singapore
Block Coding with Scratch TigerCampus Singapore
Block Coding with Scratch TigerCampus Singapore
Block Coding with Scratch TigerCampus Singapore
Block Coding with Scratch TigerCampus Singapore
Block Coding with Scratch TigerCampus Singapore


Block Coding with Scratch TigerCampus Singapore

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Block Coding with Scratch TigerCampus Singapore

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Block Coding with Scratch TigerCampus Singapore

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About Scratch

Created by MIT’s Media Lab, Scratch serves as an educational gateway into the coding universe, specifically targeting children and beginners. With its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, Scratch uses visual coding blocks to assemble interactive games, stories, and animations. This visual methodology breaks down the complexities of coding, making it easily digestible for those with little or no prior tech knowledge.

Scratch’s true power lies in its ability to unleash creativity. It provides a canvas for learners of all ages to translate their imaginative ideas into digital creations that can be shared with others. More than just a coding tool, Scratch acts as a platform for digital storytelling, logical analysis, and interactive multimedia art.

Adding a communal dimension to coding, Scratch boasts an active online community where learners can showcase their projects, swap advice, and collaborate. This rich ecosystem enhances the learning experience, enabling users to grow together in a supportive atmosphere. In this way, Scratch becomes a nurturing ground not only for coding skills but also for social interaction and community building.

Intended as a precursor to more advanced languages like Python or Java, Scratch lays the foundation for a deeper understanding of coding principles. It simplifies the learning of key programming concepts such as loops, variables, conditionals, and events in a way that’s engaging and straightforward.

Furthermore, Scratch is far from being an isolated educational tool; it’s widely adopted in school curriculums across the globe. Educators find it particularly useful for enriching various subjects, including math, history, and computer science, by making them more interactive and appealing to students.


Our Scratch coding course is custom-built to give young learners a robust introduction to programming. This hands-on course is designed to ignite creativity and foster critical thinking skills.

Learners will engage with Scratch’s user-friendly block coding interface to create captivating games, interactive narratives, and animations that make your creative visions come alive. Scratch’s drag-and-drop functionality makes it simple to compose your own digital works of art.

The course enhances analytical skills by presenting real-world problems that can be solved through coding. It breaks down essential concepts like loops, variables, and conditional statements into easy-to-understand lessons. As students work through these tasks, they not only acquire coding fundamentals but also hone problem-solving skills useful for future pursuits.

Once projects are completed, students have the option to share them on Scratch’s online community platform, allowing for invaluable feedback and the chance to collaborate with a global network of young coders.

Though Scratch is beginner-friendly, the course sets the stage for an effortless transition to more complex, text-based programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, or Java. Gain an early understanding of computer science and software development fundamentals, positioning you for success in more advanced studies and undertakings.

Our attentive instructors offer individualized support, ensuring each student gets the assistance they require to grasp new ideas and surmount obstacles. If you encounter a challenging issue or need extra clarification on a topic, our experienced team is ready to guide you every step of the way.

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Student FAQs About Block Coding with Scratch

Block coding involves using graphical elements, or “blocks,” to symbolize different pieces of code, making it easier and more intuitive than traditional text-based programming. Scratch employs this block coding approach to simplify the coding experience.

Absolutely, Scratch is specifically tailored for those new to coding, especially targeting children between the ages of 8 and 16. That said, it’s also beneficial for individuals of any age who are taking their first steps in programming.

Scratch provides a beginner-friendly introduction to foundational programming concepts such as loops, variables, conditional statements, and event management.

No, Scratch is a multifaceted platform suitable for a range of projects beyond just gaming. It is often employed for educational content, interactive animations, and basic simulations.

While Scratch is primarily an entry-level tool, it does offer some room for users to explore advanced subjects like data manipulation and intricate logic sequences to a certain degree.

By forcing users to organize coding blocks in a logical order to generate working code, Scratch helps improve both logical reasoning and computational thinking skills.

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