Build a Laptop with Raspberry Pi

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Build a Laptop with Raspberry Pi TigerCampus Singapore
Build a Laptop with Raspberry Pi TigerCampus Singapore
Build a Laptop with Raspberry Pi TigerCampus Singapore
Build a Laptop with Raspberry Pi TigerCampus Singapore
Build a Laptop with Raspberry Pi TigerCampus Singapore
Build a Laptop with Raspberry Pi TigerCampus Singapore
Build a Laptop with Raspberry Pi TigerCampus Singapore
Build a Laptop with Raspberry Pi TigerCampus Singapore


Build a Laptop with Raspberry Pi TigerCampus Singapore

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Build a Laptop with Raspberry Pi TigerCampus Singapore

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Build a Laptop with Raspberry Pi TigerCampus Singapore

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About Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is not just a miniature single-board computer; it’s a groundbreaking tool designed to make computer science accessible to students, hobbyists, and professionals alike. Conceived in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, these small yet potent devices have had a massive global influence, opening doors to limitless learning and innovation opportunities.

Leveling the Educational Playing Field

One of Raspberry Pi’s main objectives is to make computer science education universally accessible. Its affordability and robust capabilities level the playing field for students from diverse economic backgrounds, enabling educational institutions on a budget to deliver quality computer science instruction.

Flexibility and Expandability

The range of applications for Raspberry Pi boards is incredibly broad. They can be utilized in basic educational tasks as well as sophisticated scientific experiments. The platform’s expandability makes it a preferred choice for a variety of applications, from automating household systems to powering robotics. It’s a resource that evolves with your skills and requirements.

Open Source Benefits

Operating on various open-source software options, including several Linux distributions, Raspberry Pi enriches the educational experience. It exposes learners to the ethos of open-source communities, collective contribution, and cooperative problem-solving.

Robust Global Community

An extensive, global community of Raspberry Pi enthusiasts provides an invaluable support network. Online platforms, tutorials, and social groups offer a reservoir of expertise and an encouraging setting for both novices and seasoned users. This communal space is instrumental for troubleshooting, sharing endeavors, and keeping abreast of the latest technological advancements.

The IoT Frontier

In the emerging field of the Internet of Things (IoT), Raspberry Pi has carved out a niche. It can integrate seamlessly with a range of sensors and actuators, making it a go-to platform for IoT initiatives.

Skills for the Future

Engaging with Raspberry Pi equips individuals with skills that are evergreen in our increasingly tech-dependent world. As global interconnectivity and technology reliance escalate, the competencies gained in manipulating both hardware and software will become even more crucial.

By diving into the world of Raspberry Pi, individuals are not only acquiring valuable skills but are also participating in a wider technological renaissance that will continue to shape the digital landscape.


This course serves as an introduction to computer science and Python programming, emphasizing hands-on experience with Raspberry Pi technology.

In this interactive program, students will work with a Raspberry Pi board to build and program their own personal laptop. This engaging journey will offer participants a deeper understanding of computer mechanisms, exposure to the Linux operating system, and the ability to solve hardware and technology-based problems.

After assembling their laptops, students can further explore the world of coding by developing simple games using Python.

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Student FAQs About Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi primarily operates on Raspbian, an operating system built on the Debian-based Linux framework and tailored for Raspberry Pi hardware. It can also accommodate other Linux variants and even non-Linux systems like Windows IoT Core.

While Python remains the most prevalent programming language for Raspberry Pi, the device also accommodates other languages such as Java, C++, and Scratch, which is beginner-friendly.

Typically, a Raspberry Pi receives its power from a micro USB power adapter, akin to common smartphone chargers. More recent models can also utilize USB-C for power, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) is an option with a supplementary HAT attachment

ndeed, recent versions of Raspberry Pi come with integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet capabilities, simplifying internet connectivity. For older models lacking built-in Wi-Fi, a separate Wi-Fi dongle can be used.

Although Raspberry Pi possesses many of the core functionalities you would expect in a conventional computer, it is notable for the absence of certain features commonly found in standard PCs, such as an internal hard drive and an extensive array of input/output ports. Despite these limitations, what sets Raspberry Pi apart is its uniquely compact size and low power consumption. These attributes make it exceptionally well-suited for specialized tasks and projects that do not require the full capabilities of a traditional computer system.

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