Green Tech in Singapore


The National University of Singapore (NUS) has signed a Master Research Collaboration Agreement with Keppel Infrastructure Holdings Pte Ltd (Keppel Infrastructure), a Singapore-based energy solution provider in which Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd. is a major shareholder, to support low-carbon energy innovation and translational research and development of solutions in smart grid, renewables, and clean energy, as well as decarbonization technologies.


The two will collaborate on the “Keppel Infrastructure-NUS Low Carbon Living Laboratory,” which will create, test, and scale-up commercially viable innovations in distributed energy management, solar photovoltaics (PV), thermal energy storage, electrical microgrids, and charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) trials using the NUS Kent Ridge campus. This relationship will also give NUS students with educational and training possibilities, as well as options for open engagement with other ecosystem actors such as start-ups, SMEs, and researchers.


To kick off this strategic partnership, the two parties have identified technologically proven innovations for test-bedding, demonstration, and adaptation in live environments, as well as system/subsystem integration across various technologies for data collection, analysis, and performance validation, with the goal of speeding up commercial applications. The following projects have been chosen:


Smart AC/DC hybrid microgrid: This project will make it easier to integrate renewable and distributed energy resources into the existing AC grid, such as solar PV and EV charging with V2G capabilities, without disrupting the main power grid. The hybrid microgrid will operate as a plug-in for the AC grid, increasing the flexibility of varied power connectivity and so improving grid stability and efficiency.


This project will use smart EV charging algorithms to balance the needs and restrictions of the existing electrical network, as well as the charging demand and cost to EV owners. This will hasten the readiness of V2G technology as it develops.


Innovative district cooling systems (DCS) for buildings with thermal energy storage, outdoor cooling technology, and intelligent process optimization employing unique phase change materials as an energy storage medium. This project will develop next-generation district cooling solutions for a sustainable urban district, resulting in significant energy and space savings as well as environmental benefits such as heat island reduction.


Experimentation and laboratory proof-of-concept for carbon dioxide sequestration and sealant removal using enhanced saltwater desalination pre-treatment technology. This project will be followed by a possible demonstration at one of the corporation’s desalination units.


Keppel Infrastructure’s CEO stated that the company is redoubling its efforts in sustainability-related innovation and technology development in order to sharpen the company’s competitive advantage in the low-carbon economy, as well as to partner with and add value to industries and customers in their green transition.


To that aim, the company is forming cooperation with NUS in order to speed up the commercial adoption of breakthrough energy technologies by using digitization and decentralization.


The NUS Deputy President (Research and Technology) stated that the institution is looking forward to collaborating with the firm to co-create commercially viable solutions for a smooth green transition by using its expertise in energy and sustainability research. The NUS Kent Ridge campus will act as a lively living laboratory, where creative solutions will be tested in a real-world setting before being implemented on a wider scale. These technology skills will assist the university’s campuses to become more climate-resilient.


In addition, the two will look at collaborating in other energy and sustainability-related sectors, such as industrial decarbonization, novel solar projects, and carbon capture technologies and applications, including the use of natural-based solutions.



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